jugalBand brings together two Sektr artists, Ach Adhvaryu and Anant Nyshadham. Ach, born in India and raised in New Jersey, was trained in the North Indian classical style from an early age. Now, he combines an appreciation for alternative, acoustic, and classic rock with his devotion to the ancient Hindustani tradition to create music that marries new world style and old world sensibility. Anant, born in the Bronx and raised in the deep South, has since lived in various parts of the country. He draws inspiration from the musical styles in these places: blues and southern rock from Georgia, post-bop jazz and hip-hop from West Philly; electronic and house from Washington, DC, and experimental rock from the East Village and LA. The duo first connected in Philadelphia in 2003, and reunited in New Haven in 2006. There, they began writing original material together as jugalBand, creating a unique blend of Americana, art rock, and Indian classical music.