Jody Powers

Around 1973, Georgia native Jody Powers made his first attempt to break into the music scene of Nashville. At the time, singer/songwriters like Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark were experimenting with a fusion of styles that straddled the line between Country and Folk. These artists were more focused on the poetry and emotional content of their songs than in the flashy, rhinestone suits they were sung in. Jody fit right into this crowd. Though only twenty-three, Jody already had a lifetime of experience to sing about, having served in the U.S. Navy in Vietnam. He was able to get connected and rub elbows with some of his idols. He got to play his songs in guitar pulls and even found a friend and songwriting mentor in the great Mickey Newbury.

Though he was told that he had talent, Jody never found commercial success in the Music City, and he finally settled down to raise a family back in Georgia. But even if he never got to play his songs at the Opry, his music lives on. The songs, on tape reels stored in an attic for more than twenty years, have finally been transferred to digital format and cleaned up as much as possible. Sektr is proud to introduce these classic songs to a new audience.