Bo Powers

Bo was born and raised in the deep South, in a small mill town on the Chattahoochee River. Music has always been an important part of his life, a passion passed down from his mother and father, who both encouraged him to explore his talent from a very young age. He cut his teeth as a performer on stage in local theater productions for many years, but it was not until Bo and childhood friend — fellow Sektr artist, Anant Nyshadham — formed a short-lived rock/jam band called Zephyrus Jones as their first musical collaboration that Bo found his true calling as a musician.

Then, after a year-long stint as a classical guitar major at Columbus State University, Bo relocated to New Haven, Connecticut, to continue exploring his singer/songwriter talents alongside Anant. Just before leaving Georgia, he dusted off boxes of his father's old four track reels, making digital copies to preserve the original works as they had already begun to decay. Realizing the wealth of previously unheard and unreleased songs at his fingertips, Bo set out to record new versions of his father's heartfelt and poetic songs while trying to remain faithful to the tone of the originals. With other projects in the works as well, Bo is continuously pushing forward with his music, alternately playing the roles of singer, songwriter, instrumentalist.